About Our Salon

At Salon Nove, our mission is to provide inclusive beauty and everyday luxury while uplifting, loving, and supporting our community.

We take pride in being your cheerleaders, confidants, and besties throughout your beauty journey.

Created in 2015 by one passionate stylist who’s dream was to offer and experience greater than “just a haircut”. Nove is the perfect combination of beauty and empowerment.

Come experience the Nove Glow for yourself!

Our Conscious Practices & Principles Contribute to Our Uniqueness

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Eco Conscious Salon


We’re a Certified Sustainable Salon, meaning up to 95% of the beauty waste is recovered and repurposed. 


Our Team of Talent

Melissa LaPerriere

Owner and Master Stylist


Long Length Haircut~$128

Medium Length Haircut~$118

Short Length Haircut~$108

Clipper-cut Haircut~$98

Rochelle Jouett

Senior Level 4 Stylist


Long Length Haircut~$118

Medium Length Haircut~$108

Short Length Haircut~$98

Clipper-cut Haircut~$88

Mila Rayos

Junior Level 1 Stylist


Long Length Haircut~$

Medium Length Haircut~$

Short Length Haircut~$

Clipper-cut Haircut~$

Now Hiring

Senior Stylist

Coming soon!

Brittany Farnham

Junior Level 3 Stylist


Long Length Haircut~$

Medium Length Haircut~$

Katie Strabala

Associate Stylist

Interested in being a model for Katie? Text or call 720-890-5837 to be placed on our model call list!

Master Stylist

Now hiring!

Join our team!

Now hiring

Associate stylist

Interested in being called as a model during our Associate’s training? Text or call us to be placed on our call list!

Now hiring

Massage Therapist

Sara Reiss

Massage Therapist

No current chair massage hours

To schedule massages or facials with Sara at her private practice, click here

Now hiring

Massage Therapist

Now Hiring

Massage Therapist

Interested in applying for our Massage Therapist position? Send us a hello and your resume! info@salonnove.com

Nicole Cyr

Guest Services Coordinator

We can help you schedule the perfect services!

Now hiring!

Guest Services Coordinator

Let me help schedule your glow up!

Kristen Duskey

Guest Services Coordinator

We’ll ensure you have a great experience!

Bri Towber

Guest Services Coordinator

We are privileged to work with you!

Imogen Golsch

Guest Services Coordinator

I love seeing our guests smile!

Wendy Podesta

Guest Services Coordinator

We will go above and beyond to help you find your inner glow!

Salon Policies


In the first five years of being open we adopted a culture of not leaving a gratuity at the end of the service. We create and love on the souls who sit in our chairs because it is who we are and never because of a transaction.

When we reopened in May 2020 we had numerous requests from guests for an additional way to show support and care for our team. We know how deeply our guests care and the level of connection that is created within our walls.

Even though leaving a gratuity for your stylist is an option we commit to continuing to provide exceptional services and experiences while keeping our service charges competitive! We love what we do and are grateful for the ability to work with our amazing community.

Other ways to show you care include: reserving your next appointment before you leave the salon, purchasing home support products from your stylist, and telling your favorite friends and family about them.


Beginning August 2020, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure and reserve an appointment time. The deposit is based on the starting price of the services you are reserving. In the case of color services there may be additional cost at the time of service depending on how much color is used to achieve the day’s look. The 50% deposit will be held in your account as a gift card and used at the time of service. 48 hour notice is required for all changes, adjustments, reschedules or cancellation of reserved appointments. Should rescheduling or cancellation happen after the 48 hour window has closed, the deposit will be used to compensate your stylist and a new deposit will be needed to secure your next appointment. Please note that the merchant company adds a  3.5% credit card processing fee to card transactions. If you would like to avoid that cost, we welcome you to stop by to schedule and make your deposit with cash.

Guests who choose to pre-book their next appointment before they leave the salon will only be asked to deposit $20 towards they’re next service. We appreciate you so much and love that you are excited to plan for your next visit with us!


If your day gets hectic and you expect to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, please call to let us know, so we can reschedule or make a plan to accommodate you. We will do the same in the case that something unexpected comes up here as well.


A fee of $5 is added on to haircut services and $5 to hair color services. This fee contributes to extensive environmental care and sanitation programs.

Beginning May 2020 we will be processing credit card payments through a company called Wavit. Using a credit card to pay for your service will include a 3.5% fee.


Starting prices vary based on your Stylist’s experience level and may chance without notice. Menu prices are based on our cash discount model, if you choose to pay for your service with a card there is a 3.5% fee applied.


If you leave your appointment and something seems a little off. A hair is out of place? It’s not the tone you were hoping for? Please let us know within 3 days so we can make proper adjustments.

Community-Building Program:

If you know someone who is in need of hair services, but cannot afford them due to circumstances, please inquire about our community building program or share with us by emailing info@salonnove.com

Gift Card Return Policy:

Gift cards are not transferable, may not be returned, may not be redeemed for cash or used to purchase another gift card. Service prices are subject to change. Spa packages may not be substituted. Salon NOVÉ is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Gift cards do not expire.

Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy is available by clicking here. Additional links to applicable legal information are available at the bottom of the page. 

Nové is defined as “replacing something old with something new.” 

We don’t know about you but we think that is what every salon experience should be all about; discovering and embracing the new!

Have a Look Around

Here are a few photos from around the salon. Photography by Heidi Howard Photography

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